Stronger regions are critical for a strong Australia

27 April 2022

The government’s plan for stronger regions will be critical to building a stronger Australia, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“The government’s regional economic plan is an important step towards unleashing the full potential of our regions with big investments in skills, apprenticeships and infrastructure.

“In particular we welcome Minister McKenzie’s endorsement of a place-based approach to regional development that lets every region make the most of its existing advantages. This is in line with our calls for a comprehensive approach to regional planning that gives Australians in regional areas the opportunities they deserve.

“Getting our regions ready to attract new people will help take pressure of our congested cities and help build the workforce needed for big, economy driving projects.

“And sensible investments in skills and apprenticeships mean the workforce will be ready for big investments and means young people can stay close to home to skill up.

“We need to build on the opportunities in our regions, which are the backbone of Australia. We need to make the regions more attractive, and we need to take the pressure off our capital cities, we can do that by investing in the right infrastructure at the right time.

“We congratulate the government for its continued focus on building an even stronger regional Australia. We thank Minister McKenzie for her leadership and commitment to securing the future of Australia’s regions.

“Employers are ready to invest more in new projects, new jobs and higher wages, this plan will help get those plans over the line.


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