Statement from Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second

09 September 2022

Many people ask me who I admire most in the world. I always answer, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second, not just because she was the Queen but because of what she stood for.

Her unwavering sense of duty and purpose, and her belief that the institution was always bigger than her, said everything about her character.

Her steadfast adherence to values and principles adapted with the times, but she never betrayed her fundamental commitment to her faith, or to her values of forgiveness and compassion.

I will never forget the words she spoke after September 11, when she said ‘grief is the price we pay for love’ and during COVID when she reminded us all during lockdown that ‘we will meet again’.

Although we never knew her, it is like she has been with us all our lives, carefully guiding us with her decency, dignity and grace.

Our lives without her will never be the same.


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