Statement on Radioactive Waste Management

16 November 2015

“The Business Council welcomes the consultative approach being taken by the federal government to establish a new, dedicated facility to store radioactive materials,” Business Council of Australia Chief Executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“The government’s process of considering voluntarily-nominated potential sites, with comprehensive consultation with communities from those locations, should provide confidence that Australia can store its low to mid-level radioactive waste products appropriately and safely into the future.

“Nuclear waste products, ranging from medical gloves to radioactive materials, are currently stored in over 100 locations around Australia including some hospitals and other medical facilities. It is timely that a new, dedicated facility which can safely store all of these materials for decades to come is identified.

“Australians benefit from the nuclear industry, including from treatments for some cancers and other serious diseases, but we must also take responsibility for storing the waste products from those procedures in the safest and most reliable way possible,” Ms Westacott said.


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