Statement on Autumn Repeal Day

19 March 2015

“The government’s third Repeal Day continues the significant progress being made in reducing red tape costs on business,” BCA Chief Executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“While the net cost savings are lower than they were for previous Repeal Days, it is heartening to see the government’s continued strong commitment to this initiative.

“Importantly, the government has released a stock-take of regulation and its first annual report on deregulation. These are milestone developments that will provide governments with the motivation to continue a deregulation agenda over time.

“The soon to be released final report of the Competition Policy Review should also provide the government with a long list of deregulation opportunities.

“Red tape reduction initiatives deserve widespread support. All parties need to recognise the costs to the economy of poor regulation, and play their part in designing and supporting regulatory changes that increase our competitiveness, create jobs and lower costs for all.

“We congratulate the government for what it has achieved so far and look forward to the next Repeal Day which should look to, amongst other things, removing cabotage restrictions on coastal shipping services and repealing the Australian Jobs Act,” Ms Westacott said.

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Business Council of Australia
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