Statement of Expectations Locks Infrastructure Australia Role

07 November 2014

The Statement of Expectations for Infrastructure Australia will help to cement IA’s role as the lead adviser to governments on national infrastructure priorities, Business Council of Australia Chief Executive Jennifer Westacott said.

Ms Westacott welcomed the call for IA’s advice to be based on sound principles of long-term infrastructure planning and cost–benefit analysis.

“Government funding has to prioritise infrastructure projects that will have the greatest social and economic benefit over those that deliver political benefits.

“With IA now specifically charged to provide advice in the best long-term interests of the community, we look to all governments, now and in the future, to take that advice.

“For our part, the Business Council will continue to play its role in facilitating a close and productive working relationships between IA and its diverse stakeholders.

“IA’s establishment in 2008 was an important long term economic reform. We welcome the bipartisan commitment to IA’s ongoing evolution towards an independent, credible and strategic adviser on Australia’s infrastructure priorities,” Ms Westacott said.



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