Statement by President Tony Shepherd on the ALP Leadership Ballot Outcome

27 February 2012

Today’s federal leadership ballot must be a catalyst for more focused government and a renewed commitment to make Australia more competitive and productive.

Leadership issues clearly have been a distraction for the government for some time. In recent weeks, they have impacted on the parliament, business and the broader community at a time when Australia must be focused on the challenges and opportunities we face as a nation.

With an increasingly volatile and uncertain global economy and the challenges of economic transition at home we cannot afford to be complacent or diverted from doing what needs to be done to build the strength of our economy for the long term.

Without stability, we cannot get on with important policy reform. We need stability to provide confidence our economy is being well managed, and we need stability to maintain Australia’s international reputation as a reliable and predictable place to invest and do business.

It is time for the government to get back to the job at hand with renewed vigour.

The government has to commit to a predictable and more certain policy environment. Business is certainly prepared to work with the government to develop a detailed plan to lift our productivity and competitiveness.

That means getting back to fundamentals for locking in higher living standards for the Australian people into the future  a more competitive tax system, a workforce with the skills, mobility and flexibility to keep Australia competitive, and a regulatory environment that encourages business to invest, adapt and innovate.

We look forward to continuing to work constructively with the government to ensure Australia can stay ahead of future challenges and realise its bright potential in this thriving region of the global economy.



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