Skills breakthrough builds a stronger Australia

24 October 2019

Employers welcome the release of the Australian Qualifications Framework review which makes recommendations to help deliver the stronger skills system Australians deserve, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“This review can be a breakthrough moment for much needed skills reform that helps make Australia stronger, particularly its recommendations around micro-credentialing to give Australians access to the skills they need when they need them.

“Getting the skills system right is the best way to protect Australian jobs and Australian workers as the world changes.

“This is a breakthrough for regional Australians who need a more flexible, more modular system to get the skills they need. Employers know we need a more modular approach that helps workers to dip in and out of study to get the skills they need quickly, without having to leave the workforce. That’s why we proposed micro-credentialing as a part of our blueprint for education reform in 2017.

“Businesses and workers need a modern and flexible system that allows students to piece together the training and skills they need quickly across both VET and higher education systems.  Micro-credentialing will let Australian workers train and get new qualifications as needed throughout their working lives.

“The world of work is changing and to stay competitive Australians will need to be the best trained and most resilient workforce in the world. Australians will need access to new digital skills as technology changes, and they will need them quickly.

“We welcome the government’s commitment and focus on education and skills reform, we look forward to working together to make sure the system is delivering for Australians. We hope that in responding to this review skills will be recognised as having equal value to knowledge.

“The Business Council also welcomes the appointment of Adam Boyton as the new interim National Skills Commissioner.”


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