Sir Peter Cosgrove interview with Michael Usher, Sunrise

09 December 2021


Event: Sir Peter Cosgrove interview with Michael Usher, Sunrise

Speakers: Michael Usher, host Sunrise; Sir Peter Cosgrove, chair BizRebuild

Date: 9 December 2021

Topics: bushfire recovery


Michael Usher, host Sunrise: The NSW south coast is one of Australia's most popular tourism destinations but the region is still recovering from devastating bushfires and floods and the impacts of COVID restrictions. That's where organisations like BizRebuild step in. Set up by the Business Council of Australia. The charity is helping local businesses really try and get back on their feet. The chair of BizRebuild, former governor general, Sir Peter Cosgrove, joins us now from the Sydney Fish Markets down there. Peter really lovely to see you this morning on the show. Tell us firstly about Narooma Rock Oysters and what you've been doing to support them?

Sir Peter Cosgrove, chair BizRebuild: Some time ago when the Business Council took on the role of helping businesses that were affected by the bushfires to stay in business and to stand up and get back to operating levels, the Narooma Rock Oysters were a famous part of the great attraction of Narooma. Beaut of a spot. Devastated by the bushfires. Now through Business Council of Australia efforts, we've got now this wonderful project that you see behind me here. This is a travelling oyster bar and this advertises some of the great produce of that beautiful part of Australia. Narooma Oysters. Here it is, up at the fish markets. It's all going here today because people are putting out seafood getting ready for Christmas. This place is buzzing, a bit overcast, but we're here and we will be here today publicising the fact that Narooma is in business. Narooma Rock Oysters are a prime example of the beauty and produce of that part of Australia. And the Business Council, BizRebuild, are still there helping after the bushfires and will remain helping into the future.

Michael: How are businesses going down there? We forget there were the bushfires, hundreds of homes were destroyed, hundreds of thousands of hectares destroyed as well. Local businesses have found it really difficult. Then the pandemic hit so they've been on and off and locked down and not. Particularly closer to the border down there with Victoria. It has been really difficult for the last two years.

Sir Peter: It certainly has and not helped at all Michael by the fact we've had COVID over the top of it. So that was just an extra blow. But showing the resilience which that part of Australia is renowned for. They're back on their feet. This caravan behind us is a wonderful travelling bar and it is pulled by a Hilux twin cab which takes it around all of the festivals where that produce can be shown. These people are indomitable. Your network doesn't forget, Australians should not forget, we should not succumb to disaster fatigue and say, it's all done and dusted.

Michael: Not at all, and get on down to the south coast, it's a magic part of Australia. Sir Peter doing a great job there. Lovely to talk to you this morning. Thank you.

Sir Peter: Thank you Michael.


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