Right move to scrap outdated red tape

01 June 2021

The Western Australian government’s decision to end some ridiculous Sunday trading restrictions is a sensible move, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“Any move the government can make to abolish unnecessary, out-of-date red tape is a step towards making the state a competitive place to do business which ultimately means more jobs for Western Australians and better products and services for consumers.

“The decision to get rid of the Sunday Entertainment Act is just plain common sense.

“The removal of unnecessary handbrakes on the economy like this will benefit all West Australians.

“Red tape is not only a burden on business, ultimately it costs to consumers through fewer choices or higher prices.

“This is a step in the right direction, but Western Australia has more work to do to bring its retail trading restrictions into the 21st century.

“For example, why on earth can West Australians buy light bulbs at their local hardware store but face legal restrictions if they want to buy light fittings at the same time?

“Or why is it prohibited for West Australians to buy a car at a dealership on Sunday?

“Smarter regulations can protect us and what we value, encourage competition and create opportunities.

“With better regulations, small and large businesses can invest more, employ more Australians and deliver the best products and services.

“Red tape and ineffective regulation slow down Australian businesses and make it harder to compete overseas.

“We’re ready to work with state and federal government on the next steps to jettison outdated red tape and speed up Australia’s economic recovery.”


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