Reports and papers
Scoping Paper - energy and climate change policy

For over a decade we have supported strong action on climate change: We support the science of climate change. We support the Paris Agreement and transitioning to net-zero emissions by 2050. If we can meet our emissions reduction targets without...

2019 Indigenous engagement survey

This is the Business Council's 2019 Indigenous engagement survey.  The scope and scale of Indigenous engagement initiatives has grown considerably since the first Indigenous Engagement Survey Report in 2009 and Indigenous employment by member companies has nearly doubled since 2012. ...

Australia's infrastructure system: policy settings to improve the lives of all Australians

With a substantial existing asset base and $339bn of new investment in government budgets, how we manage, operate, and deliver Australia’s infrastructure matters. It requires many things to go right. This paper sets out goals, markers of success and key...

The state of enterprise bargaining in Australia

Enterprise bargaining was introduced by Labor in the early 1990s and sector wide bargaining was restricted. Awards moved from being the main way of setting pay and conditions to a safety net. A set of national minimum standards was introduced...

A plan for a stronger Australia

We released a plan aimed at creating a more resilient Australia, with better jobs, more jobs, higher wages, lower taxes, improved living standards, and lower energy prices. 

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