Reducing red tape to power up Australia’s economy

21 November 2019

The Prime Minister’s moves to streamline regulations and cut unnecessary red tape will power up Australia’s economy by allowing businesses to compete, invest in new projects, create new jobs, and build stronger communities, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“Employers are fully behind the Prime Minister’s efforts to reduce the barriers and bottlenecks that are holding back Australian workers. These measures are the right starting point for the deregulation process.

“The Prime Minister is right, Australia needs a workplace relations system that encourages new investment in job creating projects.

“The Business Council strongly supports the Prime Minister’s commitment to simplifying and strengthening the enterprise bargaining system. We accept our responsibility for making the case to the community and to work collaboratively with the union movement to make sure we get it right.

“We also welcome the Prime Minister’s recognition that ‘greenfields’ agreements for new projects should run for the life of the project. This will be a key measure in stimulating the next round of investment in major projects, helping businesses to create thousands of new, well paid jobs.

“A streamlined process that makes it easier for smaller businesses to employ new people as they grow is also a positive step.

“We welcome the government’s partnership with the Western Australian government to streamline approval processes for major project approvals which drive economic growth and underpin national prosperity. We urge other state governments to do the same.

“Reducing approval times through initiatives like an online application and tracking process will help cut costs and get projects started more quickly, that means businesses can create jobs more quickly.

“Digital technology and single-touch portals are a smart way to reduce the cost of regulation and we are pleased that the government has adopted our suggestion.

“A modern exports document system will give Australian businesses a chance to get their products to new markets quickly, grow, invest and create Australian jobs.

“A simpler business registry system means businesses can focus more attention on growing and investing and less on duplicated processes.

“Red tape and ineffective regulation slow down Australian businesses and make it harder to compete overseas. We’re ready to work with the government on the next steps in its deregulation agenda.”


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