Pop up mall a boost for resilient community

29 March 2020

The opening today of Mogo’s pop up shopping mall, a Business Council project to re-house bushfire destroyed small businesses, is testament to the local community’s resilience and signals hope for a stronger future.

“The mall, a BizRebuild project in conjunction with the local community, is a small ray of sunshine for local business owners devastated by recent bushfires and now hit with the double whammy of the coronavirus, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“In times of crisis a sense of community can help build hope and shine a light on the road to recovery, giving Mogo a big boost to its town centre can help do that.

“Local fires devastated this community and just like everyone else in the country they are struggling with the impact of the coronavirus but this project is proof of their resilience. Working together we can meet even the gravest challenges.

“We can’t be there to celebrate today but we will be as soon as it is safe to do so. This project is a reminder to everyone that Australians can rise to meet even the most difficult challenges.

“We can’t forget these communities. The coronavirus will pass and when it does Australia will need strong businesses to recover.”

BizRebuild chair, Sir Peter Cosgrove who has led several domestic and international disaster recoveries, said “BizRebuild is still working in communities across the country to give them the hope they need, to keep their local business open and local workers in jobs.

“We won’t let your communities fold and fade away.

“Business is the glue that keeps communities together. Whether it is bushfires or global pandemic, we need businesses to pull through and keep communities alive.

“We’re doing what business does best, acting quickly to cut through red tape and get things done.

“Australians are resilient and despite new challenges and those they’ve faced in the past they are getting back to work.

“We continue to do everything we can to help affected regions get back on their feet quickly. We are in this for the long haul.

Tom Parojus, Managing Director ATCO Structures and Logistics who donated the demountable structures used in the project said it was wonderful to see the pop up mall up and running, and thanked the Business Council of Australia for providing the opportunity for ATCO to help at this critical time.

“Whether it’s supporting small business in a community hub like Mogo, or providing much needed infrastructure in education, healthcare or the commercial sector, ATCO is proud of our ability to step in and help communities where we can.

“In these particularly difficult times we’ll continue to look for opportunities to contribute, with a focus on supporting primary medical and allied healthcare facilities,” Mr Parojus said.

Read more about BizRebuild online at www.BizRebuild.com.au


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