Playing to our strengths to create new jobs

01 October 2020

We welcome the Morrison Government’s targeted strategy to usher in a new era of Australian manufacturing by making it easier for business to commercialise ideas into high-value products, compete for lucrative overseas markets, create new highly-skilled jobs and grow to scale.

“By playing to our strengths, the government’s strategy is designed to back in Australian manufacturers to help drive the recovery and rebuild a clever economy for the future,’’ Business Council of Australia Chief Executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“Prioritising our focus on the areas where we already have a competitive edge, the areas where we could have a global advantage and the areas where we must be competitive means we can maximise our resources for the best results.

“Taking purposeful and deliberate actions to make the most of Australia’s competitive and comparative advantages will help us meet our single most important objective in the COVID recovery – creating new jobs.

“We are in the right part of the world with the right products and services at the right time but our economy won’t become stronger by doing nothing. This package will help businesses actively chase new markets, new investments and new opportunities so they can create the extra growth and jobs we need.

“It will also help us lock in the competitiveness of existing industries, such as agriculture and resources, where we have a competitive advantage and lead the rest of the world.

“We are particularly pleased to see that under the Modern Manufacturing Initiative the government will work in partnership with businesses and provide grants on a co-investment basis to stimulate private sources of capital. Business is ready to do the heavy lifting in the recovery.

“The focus on funding to build economies of scale, commercialising ideas and helping manufacturers integrate into local and international supply chains and markets is commendable.

“The strength of the recovery will hinge on our ability to produce high value products and export them into lucrative markets as well as play a critical role in international supply chains.  

“We also welcome the recognition that science and technology needs to be at the forefront of Australian manufacturing.

“We agree with the Prime Minister that the recovery must be business-led and we support efforts to make it easier to do business and create jobs in Australia by removing unnecessary impediments and roadblocks.

“Getting the economic fundamentals right such as tax policy, skills, energy, infrastructure and investment won’t just help our manufacturers succeed, but will help all businesses.

“BHP is out in front today showing how business will lead the recovery through its significant investment in skills, training and technology.

“We applaud BHP’s commitment to Australian apprenticeship and training positions and its support for businesses opportunities in the nation’s powerhouse mining, equipment, technology and services sector. This sector is critically important to the economy and once again has helped provide a buffer from the global downturn.

“Businesses like BHP are focused on the recovery and helping as many people as possible back into work by creating new jobs and new opportunities.’’


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