Plans for a unified brand Australia welcomed

23 November 2017

The chief executive of the Business Council of Australia, Jennifer Westacott, has congratulated the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment on his announcement that the government will build a unified national brand for Australian products.

“It simply makes sense to give Australian businesses a unified brand that encompasses the quality and high value already associated with Australian products.

“If we want global consumers to select the Australian product, we need to make it clear to them what the Australian product is.

“The Business Council has long advocated for the creation of a unified Australian brand to give businesses access to the goodwill and reputation for quality our nation already enjoys.

“This is a breakthrough for exporters seeking to leverage Australia’s existing strong reputation for high quality exports when they sell their goods and services to the world.

“A ‘brand Australia’ will help supercharge Australia’s competitive advantages when businesses seek to market their products internationally.

“Our reputation for clean, high quality exports is already a major selling point, a unified brand will help solidify and expand on that status.”

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