Planning to live with COVID crucial

20 January 2022

National Cabinet’s sensible decisions today will help further ease supply chain pressures and workforce shortages, but leaders must continue adjusting as the situation changes, Business Council executive director Jess Wilson said.

“National consistency is critical to managing these challenges because supply chains don’t stop at state borders.

“The strong jobs numbers released today are good news, now we need to lock them in by keeping businesses operating and supply chains functioning as we navigate this Omicron outbreak.

“In particular, agreement today to put in place minimum standards for the return of schools will not only deliver essential educational outcomes for students but help ease workforce pressures in crucial sectors, keep food on shelves, businesses open and products moving around the country.

“Recognising transport licenses from other jurisdictions is a common sense decision that will take the strain off our transport and logistic sector by making more workers available.

“Developing consistent rules for surveillance testing and aligning the rules for critical worker testing will be crucial steps, we encourage the states to move forward on these plans quickly to provide greater clarity and confidence for employers and employees.

“Businesses are ready to work with government, workers and health officials to meet these challenges and keep Australia’s economic recovery going.”


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