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When David and Goliath work together

There is a familiar myth emerging in Canberra and in many other parts of the nation that seeks to frame small business and big business as natural enemies. It is both unhelpful and damaging; we are better served by co-operation...

We're interested in solutions – not personal invective

When readers of The Australian Financial Review turn to the opinion pages, they expect an intellectually honest discussion about how to make Australia the best place on Earth to live, work, learn and invest in.

Why Incitec Pivot built a factory in the US, not Australia

With a dramatic sweep of his hand, the then-governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, proudly embraced the numerous manufacturing plants visible from the window of his office.

Economic growth our greatest tool in the fight against poverty

I understand first hand what inequality feels like. For me, growing up in public housing on NSW’s central coast, it was the daily ­embarrassment of not being able to bring friends home from school out of fear they would see...

Why Australia's company tax rate must be cut

This opinion article by Grant King was published in The Australian Financial Review on 27 June 2017. Much of the political debate about important changes Australia needs to make is focused around one question: what is fair?

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