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Cut company tax and all benefit

This opinion article originally appeared in The Australian on the 25 April 2018. The Business Council and its members welcome the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to invest more in Australia if a reduction in the corporate tax rate is...

Skills, education focus in making Strong Australia

This was originally published in the Herald Sun on 9 April 2018. Wishful thinking doesn’t create better jobs or put extra dollars into pay packets. It doesn’t attract investment, open factories, find export routes or convince someone to take a...

Australia at crossroads with only one path likely to lead to growth

As a nation we are at a fork in our national journey, weighing up competing philosophies as we contemplate the paths ahead. Paved in the sugar-coating of populism, one route appears far easier to navigate and promises all things to...

It’s ACTU thinking in need of change, not the rules

This opinion article originally appeared in The Australian on 21 March 2018. The irony of the ACTU’s latest “change the rules” campaign is that the union movement is so resistant to change offering no ideas on how to grow the...

Roadshow to reset regional direction

IT’S time for a wake-up call. Lately we’ve heard a lot from many Australian politicians interested in furthering their own careers or protecting their own jobs.

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