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Letter to the editor - ABC coverage of national tax reform debate

ABC coverage published on 15 February 2018. Dear Ms Guthrie,  I am writing to express my extreme concerns with the ABC's coverage on 14 February 2018 of the national tax reform debate which levels serious allegations against several members of...

2018 crunch time for Australia's economic renewal

As many of us enjoy the holiday ritual of heading to the beach to unwind and recharge, we can reflect on a year that ends in better shape than it began.

Company tax cuts are needed to supercharge the economy

The IMF recently confirmed what the Government and the Business Council have been warning since US President Donald Trump vowed to cut company taxes, investment funds will be sucked into the US from global markets on a massive scale.

When David and Goliath work together

There is a familiar myth emerging in Canberra and in many other parts of the nation that seeks to frame small business and big business as natural enemies. It is both unhelpful and damaging; we are better served by co-operation...

We're interested in solutions – not personal invective

When readers of The Australian Financial Review turn to the opinion pages, they expect an intellectually honest discussion about how to make Australia the best place on Earth to live, work, learn and invest in.

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