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It’s ACTU thinking in need of change, not the rules

This opinion article originally appeared in The Australian on 21 March 2018. The irony of the ACTU’s latest “change the rules” campaign is that the union movement is so resistant to change offering no ideas on how to grow the...

Roadshow to reset regional direction

IT’S time for a wake-up call. Lately we’ve heard a lot from many Australian politicians interested in furthering their own careers or protecting their own jobs.

If Australia lags rather than leads, then everyone suffers

This opinion article by Grant King appeared in The Australian Financial Review on 8 March 2017. Treasury Secretary John Fraser hit the nail on the head when he warned senators recently of the "missing link" that imperils our economy. "Business...

Company tax cuts good for business and good for Australia

IT STRIKES me that many people are now going out of their way to oppose modest company tax cuts simply because they’re caught up in the anti-business firestorm raging across the nation.

Australia's high company tax rate is wage theft on a grand scale

The purpose of the government's 10-year Enterprise Tax Plan plan is clear. To make sure Australian corporate tax rates are globally competitive so businesses in Australia and from overseas are incentivised to increase investment in Australia. Past experience shows that increased investment...

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