Offshoring, Global Outsourcing and the Australian Economy

29 April 2008

14 July 2004

The Business Council of Australia has released a position paper on offshoring, predicting the trend to outsource information, IT and other services to offshore companies would have largely positive implications for Australia’s economy and jobs.

The paper, Offshoring, Global Outsourcing and the Australian Economy: Continuing Australia's Integration into the World Economy, argues offshoring represents the latest stage in Australian economy’s integration with global markets – a process which Australia has largely managed successfully for many years – rather than a new phenomenon in itself.

BCA President, Mr Hugh Morgan, said the paper’s objective was to add to a constructive debate about the broader economic context of offshoring as well as its longer term opportunities, benefits and costs.

The paper outlines the largely positive relationship between Australia’s economic development and global integration and shows how Australia has been a recent recipient of work that has been offshored from other countries.

Read the full news release or download the paper using the following links.



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