NSW Planning System: Short Term Reform Proposals

19 May 2022

NSW is the most populous State in the nation and has the largest economy of any state or territory. It represents almost a third of both Australia’s population and overall economic output.

The planning system underpins what gets built in NSW. It is critical for the national economy that the NSW planning system is functioning in a way that facilitates jobs, investment, and housing supply.

While new homes are a vital part of what the planning system controls, it goes beyond that. It sets down the rules and processes for the development of where people work, shop, and play. Factories, offices, warehouses, shops, entertainment facilities, and the like, all must get approval through the planning system.

The Business Council believe the planning system must have:

  • A faster process, so that proponents do not need to spend years engaged in the planning system before getting a decision.
  • A less complex and less costly system, which is easier to navigate, and does not require unnecessary or marginal pieces of work to be undertaken.

In essence, we are seeking a faster, less complicated planning system, that still ensures that the community’s voices are heard, and their concerns addressed.

The NSW Government has shown an understanding that the planning system requires reform and is in the process of implementing changes to the system. Many of these should be applauded. This paper presents further short term reform opportunities for the NSW Government’s consideration.

Download the report here. 


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