NSW decision delivers hope

27 September 2021

The Berejiklian Government’s plan to unlock the state gives people the certainty they need to get on with their lives, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“After months of uncertainty, everyone in NSW can look to the future with optimism.

“NSW is again leading the pack with a plan that gives businesses and the community confidence by charting a path to safely reopen the state.

“For businesses, it means they can plan for Christmas, start ordering supplies and roster on staff for more hours.

“This positions NSW as a good place to invest and create new jobs because it gives everyone the ability to plan for the future.

“If NSW can safely reopen as we meet our vaccine targets, there is no reason other states can’t do the same.

“By nominating 1st December as the date for the state to fully reopen, NSW is putting an end to the stop-start mindset that undermines confidence, kills jobs and holds back our recovery. We encourage all other states and territories to work towards this date to reopen, reunite country and let us get on with the task of recovery.

“Vaccines dramatically reduce the risks of transmission and serious illness, so of course we should be planning to safely reopen now.

“We urge every state and territory to act with the same clarity of purpose and lock in reopening plans that prepare Australia for our economic recovery.

“Harsh restrictions don’t just have a monumental economic cost, every day we delay a safe reopening takes a serious toll on community cohesion and our social wellbeing.”


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