NSW charging ahead

25 November 2021

The New South Wales Government’s decision to further ease restrictions from December 15th shows a state leading the way, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“Everyone in NSW knows that restrictions won’t be kept in place a day longer than they are needed, this approach is building confidence and helping ramp up the state’s recovery.

“In return for doing the right thing and getting vaccinated at record levels, people in NSW can look forward to a bumper Christmas.

“Critically, the NSW approach is helping build momentum across the state for businesses as they ramp back up, roster on staff and order inventory.

“Other states must urgently follow this example, reunite the country and carefully begin welcoming back the critical workers we’ll need to unlock big projects and keep businesses open for Christmas.

“Every state and territory should be acting with the same clarity and purpose to restore peoples’ freedoms, reopen safely and get on with the recovery.”


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