New trade deal a boost to our recovery

15 November 2020

By signing the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) the Morrison government is helping set Australian workers up for the future and to create new jobs to fuel our recovery, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“Trade will be critical to our recovery. Australians need jobs and selling more of our world class products and services to the world is one of the best ways we can create them.

“This agreement covers markets worth around 30 per cent of global GDP, it will be a huge opportunity for Australian businesses who want to expand, invest and create local jobs.

“Our success over the last 30 years has been built on trade and investment with Asia, this agreement will help lock in a new wave of growth and new jobs just when we need it most.

“Trade is Australia’s life-blood and helps sustain one in five Australian jobs, RCEP will help magnify that impact.

“We congratulate the Morrison government for staying the course on this job creating agreement, creating new opportunities for Australians and helping set Australia up for the future.”


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