New jobs fuelled by clean, reliable and affordable energy

17 September 2020

The Business Council welcomes the government’s technology package that will lower emissions by creating new industries and jobs, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“Australia’s recovery needs to focus on jobs. Clean and affordable energy will help attract the business investment we will need to create those jobs.”

“This package is a crucial building block in the government’s long-term strategy to reduce emissions, meet our international commitments, lower energy costs and ensure Australia’s economy remains competitive.

“By driving investment Australia can reach net-zero emissions by 2050 and be at the frontier of technological advances. 

“By expanding the scope of ARENA and the CEFC we will encourage new low, zero and negative emissions technology in sectors like agriculture, transport and manufacturing.

“This will underpin our future competitiveness and position us as an energy superpower at home and in overseas markets.

“New investment in a hydrogen export hub and microgrids will create jobs in remote and regional communities.

“The expansion of the Emission Reduction Fund will help create new markets and support the technology needed to achieve carbon neutrality by offsetting emissions that we cannot yet eliminate.

“Delivering a modern energy system will require a technology neutral approach that lets us take every opportunity we can to reduce emissions, boost reliability and put downward pressure on prices.” 


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