New Investment Will Bring Productivity Gains

12 December 2008

The BCA welcomes today’s announcement of infrastructure investments that will increase the productivity of the Australian economy.

“Investment in infrastructure for both universities and the training system will contribute to the quality of learning and research,” said BCA President Greig Gailey.

“These investments are vital in order to make sure Australia has the capabilities and skills we need for future growth and better social outcomes.

“The BCA’s submission to the Bradley review of higher education and our 2006 New Pathways to Prosperity report on innovation issues both point to the need for improved infrastructure for both teaching and research.

“The road and rail investments also announced today will improve transport efficiency and reduce freight blockages. These are critical issues identified in the BCA’s Infrastructure Action Plan.

“The temporary investment allowance may help give business the confidence to go ahead with capital investment at a time when many firms are considering their next move.

“Strong policies over a number of years have left Australia with room to move in this international slowdown.

“It makes sense for Australia to take advantage of that fact.”



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