Nationally consistent rules to save jobs

20 August 2020

To save jobs and create new ones National Cabinet must develop a nationally consistent set of rules to govern state border closures and restrictions, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“Jobs in sectors across the economy like tourism, logistics, infrastructure, retail and agriculture are at greater risk every day we operate under an inconsistent patchwork of rules across the states and territories. 

“If border closures are absolutely necessary, National Cabinet must continue working with industry to develop a clear national system that lets everyone know the rules and how they will be applied.

“We need nationally consistent rules about how local lockdowns will work, how travel permitting systems will work, how family circumstances are going to be considered as well as clear rules for border openings and closures.

“We also need to understand what coming out of the Victorian lockdown will look like, so that people can start gearing up and get ready.

“People have to know the plan so they can plan, they cannot operate day to day without it. If we fail to do this we will see greater job losses and unnecessary hardship for people who are already doing it tough.

“It’s hard to believe that we can’t get a nationally consistent set of rules so that businesses can plan, get ready and gear up. If we don’t, we’re putting jobs at risk, creating unnecessary hardship and kicking a colossal own goal.

“The National Cabinet has been crucial to our success in managing the pandemic and it should continue to work closely with industry to develop a uniform set of internal border controls, save as many jobs as we can and give businesses the certainty they need to create new ones.”


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