Ministers must build on energy reform momentum

24 November 2017

The chief executive of the Business Council of Australia Jennifer Westacott has urged political leaders to build on the progress made at the COAG Energy Council meeting in Hobart today.

“Ministers who have agreed to work together towards reform should be congratulated for putting the national interest before partisan political games.

“This can be a circuit breaker for the stale energy debate which has paralysed investment in the energy sector but only if political leaders remain committed and forge ahead with reform.

“Business and the community have been crying out for action on national energy policy, finally momentum is building towards the implementation of the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) but there is more work to do.

“We cannot afford for the progress made today to be derailed by political bickering and for a resolution to be delayed even further.

“There is still considerable detail to finalise for the implementation of the NEG, as there would be with any energy plan.

“I urge all our political leaders to work in good-faith alongside industry to design an effective implementation plan which helps put downward pressure energy prices for all consumers.”



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