Making Australia a world-leading digital economy

30 April 2021

The Government is aiming for Australia to become a leading digital economy by 2030.

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the role of digital technologies in supporting business continuity, delivering government services, and maintaining social connections.

To foster economic recovery and ensure all Australians can benefit from digital technology, the BCA’s Digital Economy and Telecommunications Working Group has developed a digital reform agenda.

The agenda focuses on:

  • driving the uptake of technology across the economy
  • removing out-dated regulatory barriers
  • boosting the digital capability of small businesses and workers.

Business Council analysis shows that Australia could be $210 billion better off over the next 20 years if we speed up our shift to a digital economy.

The analysis, completed by EY for the BCA’s digital economy and telecommunications working group, finds with the right approach Australia can fulfil its ambition to be a digital leader by 2030.

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