Longer greenfields agreements deliver certainty

19 April 2022

A move to longer greenfields agreements is a good step to giving businesses the certainty needed to unlock investment and securing wage growth for workers, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“As part of a suite of measures, six year agreements for greenfields projects will leave workers better off and let businesses get on with driving the recovery.

“This will deliver more certainty on pay and conditions, make investment into major projects more attractive and give people a wage rise every year.

“By helping lock in big, long-term economy transforming investments this change would also help create new jobs and secure Australia our economic future by letting us prepare for the big economic changes coming our way.  

“These changes should go hand in hand with other reforms to make the workplace system better, starting with action to restore the enterprise bargaining system that sees workers earn more.

“Getting the workplace relations system working will be crucial to our economic recovery.

“Australia is in a fierce global competition for investment, labour and skills so fixing the problems in our workplace relations system is common sense.”


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