Locking in or Losing Prosperity is Australia’s Choice: Speech by Katie Lahey to the Midmarket CEO Symposium

20 May 2013

In this speech to the Midmarket CEO Symposium in Hobart, Business Council of Australia Chief Executive Katie Lahey explains that the business sector is deeply linked to the prosperity and wellbeing of Australian society through the contribution businesses make to government revenue, jobs and the products and services they provide to the community.

She discusses the BCA’s integrated economic agenda, which focuses on:

•    taxation
•    infrastructure
•    workplace relations
•    business regulation
•    excellence in education and training
•    international trade.

Ms Lahey says that the BCA, as a key representative body of Australia’s big business sector, has an obligation to push for policies that seek to lock in the conditions for continuing economic success, and an integrated agenda of economic reform will assist in achieving this goal.



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