Large Business Bond with Devastated Communities

17 January 2011

Australia’s largest businesses have assumed a significant role in the massive relief and reconstruction effort in Queensland and will readily respond to the Prime Minister’s request for ongoing assistance, President of the Business Council of Australia Graham Bradley said today.

“Our CEO members, many of whose staff, customers and operations have been directly affected by the floods, are part of these communities. They are both professionally and personally committed to the reconstruction of those communities,” said Mr Bradley.

“While the devastation reinforces the importance of maintaining a strong economy to withstand such drastic unforseen events, it also shines a light on the role large businesses can and should play.”

Mr Bradley said he had been in touch with a number of BCA members in the last few days and, in addition to the large cash donations being made to the Premier’s Relief Fund, companies were contributing to the vast logistical effort in accordance with their particular strengths.

“For example, companies are deploying equipment and personnel to clean-up sites; transporting food and other essentials into affected area, and providing tailored support measures to affected staff and customers.”

Mr Bradley said that apart from the inestimable human cost, the reconstruction would put a great deal of pressure on the federal and state budgets.

“The floods remind us that we can never afford to imagine that good economic times last forever and that, for Australia, they can be affected by a range of factors outside our control.

 “I am grateful to members of the Business Council of Australia for all of their continuing efforts in supporting communities of which they are a part,” said Mr Bradley.



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