Joint Statement on the Options Paper on Coastal Shipping Reform

09 April 2014

Statement from the Australian Aluminium Council, the Business Council of Australia, the Cement Industry Federation and the Minerals Council of Australia.

The Australian Government has rightly taken a national interest approach in its review of the rules governing ship movements around our coast – rules that are adding unnecessary costs and making us uncompetitive.

The government’s Options Paper on Coastal Shipping Regulation recognises the Coastal Trading Act is not working in the interests of the Australian economy and that shipping rules need major reform if we are to lift our global competitiveness and minimise costs.

We must acknowledge that our coastal shipping laws have become a major competitiveness problem for Australia and will impact on jobs.

The options included in the review, ranging from an ‘open coast’ approach by repealing the Coastal Trading Act to significantly reducing restrictions on trade within the Act, are appropriate for a meaningful national discussion on the future of this important sector.

Removing regulation that is stifling the coastal shipping sector can lift Australia’s global competitiveness and grow opportunities for investment, exports and jobs, particularly in regional areas which are disproportionately burdened by high-cost shipping.

The consultation process now offers all stakeholders an opportunity to make the case for coastal shipping policies that are in Australia’s best long-term interests, and we look forward to engaging in that process.

For more information contact:
Miles Prosser, Executive Director, Australian Aluminium Council, (02) 6267 1800, mobile 0429 923 605
Scott Thompson, Director, Media and Public Affairs, Business Council of Australia, telephone (03) 8664 2603, mobile 0403 241 128
Margie Thomson, Chief Executive, Cement Industry Federation, (02) 6260 7222, mobile 0418 290 058
Ben Mitchell, Director – Public Affairs, Minerals Council of Australia, telephone (02) 6233 0600, mobile 0419 850 212



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