Jobs and Skills Summit – policy paper - Expanding job opportunities for all Australians including the most disadvantaged

31 August 2022

The Business Council has identified the critical resets needed to remove the barriers that inhibit people getting the hours they need, the skills they need and the jobs they want. 

Ensuring all Australians have the same opportunities to engage in education, skills training and participate in employment.

Focusing on economic advancement at an individual and community level, for all Australians, particularly those who are disadvantaged.

Turning the language of intent into real actions to enable a person’s full economic and personal potential.

Moving to the language of aspiration, ambition and wealth creation and prosperity in all elements of Indigenous Affairs, and moving beyond simply ‘closing the gap’.

Ensuring Indigenous Australians are a part of the new economy.

Removing the structural barriers that inhibit people with an illness or disability, such as job design and recruitment practices.

Re-thinking the design of employment service providers and programs which are not working and do not provide the long term support and continuity that is required to drive sustained change.

Unlocking the potential of high value regions with a nationally consistent plan and a concerted effort in areas of entrenched disadvantage or areas likely to be impacted by the changes in the economy.

You can read the full report here. 


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