Jobs and Skills Summit - Issues Paper - Addressing skills shortages and getting our skills mix right over the long-term

26 August 2022

The Business Council has identified the critical resets needed on skills and migration to lock in a stronger economy and better wages.

First, we need to make sure students leave school with strong foundation skills, a clear path and a comprehensive snapshot of their abilities and capabilities, not just a mark to define their future.

We have to finally redesign the tertiary system for the 21st century, making VET and university more interoperable and centred around learners and their employers.

We need a system that lets Australians get the skills they need across institutions based on what they need.

We’re calling for the introduction of a digital record that allows future employers to fully see and fully understand what people have learned through their courses and on the job.

And crucially, we need a system that empowers the business community to train their people and do even more by recognising the work being done and providing incentives to see it expanded.”

Download the paper here. 


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