It’s time to reset our energy policy

19 April 2018

Business is calling for the state and federal governments to reach in-principle agreement on the National Energy Guarantee, so the country can end the energy policy uncertainty that’s led to higher energy prices and reduced reliability, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said today.

“I have written to the states and territories urging them to support the Guarantee. We cannot afford to bicker over energy and climate change policies any longer.

“The best path forward is for the states and territories to reach in-principle agreement so we can move on from this policy rut and establish a national, coordinated plan that prioritises a secure, reliable, affordable energy supply, while meeting the country’s emissions reduction targets.

“The Guarantee is the only workable option on the table. Supporting the Guarantee is about supporting a circuit-breaker for a policy debate that has dogged this country for a decade. Once there is in-principle agreement to move on then the detailed design work can continue.

“The Guarantee is our best chance to drive the investment we need in the energy sector, and business stands ready to work with state and federal governments to get it right.

“Future generations won’t forgive us if we keep kicking energy and climate policies down the road.”



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