Australia’s infrastructure must be strategically planned, funded and delivered to meet the needs of a growing economy and population.

The Business Council of Australia advocates for infrastructure policies that bring about:

  • development of national markets for transport, water, electricity and communications based on private investment and user charging, supported by regulatory frameworks to safeguard consumers where appropriate
  • long-term strategic planning of cities and regions that identify future land use and infrastructure needs to support productivity and higher living standards
  • prioritisation of public infrastructure investments that are linked to strategic plans and subject to independent and transparent cost–benefit analysis
  • a rolling pipeline of public infrastructure investments delivered in partnership with the private sector with appropriate sharing of costs and risks
  • the elimination of regulatory impediments to the efficient use of existing infrastructure assets
  • regular and transparent audits of the state of our current infrastructure, and measurement of service performance
  • lower infrastructure costs through better project design and management, more efficient processes for development assessment and approval, and higher workplace productivity.

The BCA’s infrastructure policy agenda is closely integrated with our Population and Cities agenda

The BCA Secretariat contact  for infrastructure policy issues is Simon Pryor, Executive Director, Infrastructure and Regulation.