Indonesian Visit Shows Australia Open for Business

03 October 2013

“The Prime Minister Tony Abbott has sent a very clear message on his first overseas trip, to Indonesia, that Australia is open for business and wanting to engage more effectively within our region,” Business Council of Australia Chief Executive Jennifer Westacott said.

Ms Westacott accompanied the Prime Minister and senior Coalition ministers as part the Australian Business Delegation which met with their Indonesian counterparts to discuss strengthening the two-way economic relationship.

“Nothing could send a clearer message that Australia is open for business, and looking for trade and investment opportunities than the Prime Minister taking such a senior business delegation on his first overseas trip as leader within two weeks of winning the election,” Ms Westacott said.

“Including Australian business leaders in the trip shows we are serious about stronger trade and investment with Indonesia, and that we understand the huge opportunities for both countries from closer engagement and cooperation.

“The BCA’s economic action plan, released in July, called for a focus on relations with Indonesia including the establishment of a high-level CEO dialogue and this trip gets us off to a great start.

“With Indonesia on track to be in the world’s 10 biggest economies by 2025, adding 90 million new consumers by 2030, there are immense opportunities for Australia in financial services, health, agriculture, resources, infrastructure, and telecommunications.

“The BCA hopes the Indonesian trip is a positive step towards a comprehensive economic relationship with Indonesia, which should include:

  • completing the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement
  • establishing a CEO roundtable for business leaders to identify economic opportunities
  • welcoming higher levels of Indonesian investment in Australia, including in agriculture
  • using the new Colombo Plan to boost Indonesian capability in Australia, and Australian capability in Indonesia,” she said.

“We welcome the Prime Minister’s commitment to including business delegations on future overseas visits. Nothing could better reinforce the message that Australia is serious about boosting trade and investment.”

For further information contact:
Scott Thompson, Director, Media and Public Affairs
Business Council of Australia
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