How Do We Recapture the Longer-Term View of Infrastructure: Speech by Rod Pearse to the ADC–BCA Summit

In this speech to the Australian Davos Connection–Business Council of Australia Summit, ‘Investment and Innovation: Australia’s Future’, the Chairman of the BCA Sustainable Growth Task Force, Rod Pearse, argues that a national infrastructure reform agenda is critical to ensuring impediments to growth are removed.

In his address, titled ‘How Do We Recapture the Longer-Term View of Infrastructure?’, Rod Pearse argues that for this to occur:

  • business cannot stand by and watch the debate be sidetracked
  • regular audits of Australia’s key infrastructure are needed
  • the benefits need to continue to be experienced by business, the community and governments across Australia.

He says that a national integrated infrastructure reform agenda, which the BCA has consistently advocated, is the most workable solution and should be embraced by all levels of government.