Health Is Everybody’s Business

28 October 2008

A healthy population is critical to Australia’s economic prosperity. Individuals will lead more fulfilling and prosperous lives if we can improve the current system.

Businesses will be more productive and the national economy will prosper, benefiting all Australians.

Business values a healthy, skilled and productive workforce. An accessible and high-quality healthcare system is fundamental to achieving that goal. And those funding the healthcare system, including taxpayers, have a justifiable interest in ensuring that the system delivers results for patients while being cost-effective.

Addressing the challenge of a healthy population is a shared responsibility that requires the active participation and leadership of the federal government, states, local governments, policymakers, healthcare providers and professionals, business and the broader Australian community.

This paper, prepared as a background briefing for BCA members, outlines why business has a role to play in Australia’s health discussion.

Health Is Everybody’s Business: The BCA’s Role in Australia’s Health Discussion


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