Government rushes workplace changes to avoid scrutiny and claim Christmas ‘win’

07 December 2023

The Government is rushing significant workplace relations changes through the Senate today without consultation or scrutiny, which will add more costs to business, hit jobs and drive-up costs.

Business Council Chief Executive Bran Black said the Government was pushing significant changes to labour hire employment, under the cover of other bills, to avoid scrutiny.

“Far-reaching union power and significant new changes to labour hire are being pushed through the Senate today by the Government without consultation and to avoid scrutiny of the current committee inquiry,” Mr Black said.

“This Omnibus Bill will impact every business and every worker in Australia and it is extremely disappointing the Government has abandoned proper consultation to claim a Christmas ‘win’.

“We remain extremely concerned that instead of making workers better off, this Bill will cost jobs, drive up prices and make it harder for businesses to operate.”

Mr Black said the Senate Committee inquiry was underway and due to report in February and had important work to do given the Government moved over 40 changes to labour hire which have not been scrutinised.

“We supported all the measures previously supported by the crossbench and the Opposition, however this sudden addition of huge union power and labour hire changes at the eleventh hour shows the Government no longer wants to engage with the business community.”


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