Good Management the Key to Incoming Government’s Success

07 September 2010

Business Council of Australia President Graham Bradley says the new government led by Prime Minister Julia Gillard can work in Australia’s long-term national interest if it provides the leadership and good management Australians are looking for.

In congratulating Ms Gillard and the Australian Labor Party, Mr Bradley said the 2010 election result showed that Australians expect a new style of leadership that finds and builds common ground on the long-term direction of the country.

“Australia has come through the global financial crisis in better shape than most developed countries,” said Mr Bradley.

“But if we are to take advantage of the opportunities available to us, we need a government that takes the community with it in pursuing a strong economy alongside social and environmental responsibility.

“As our economy approaches capacity limits, the onus is on all of us to push ahead with the policies needed to keep the economy flexible and responsive.

“A strong economy relies on investment, productivity and participation, all of which are heavily influenced by taxation settings.

“The BCA looks forward to taking part in the tax summit that comes as part of the agreement between the government and the independent members of parliament.”

Mr Bradley said the community had signalled it wants more sophisticated national discussion on important issues like tax reform, with more transparent review of policy options.

“The BCA has identified priorities for this term of government to support a stronger economy as well as community prosperity.

“These centre on policies that promote investment and innovation, increase workforce participation, improve our skills and capabilities, and enhance flexibility for workers and employers.

“The BCA stands ready to work with the government in helping to deliver the good management and the style of leadership Australians clearly want,” Mr Bradley said.

Graham Bradley will outline the BCA’s suggested priorities for the new government when he addresses the National Press Club in Canberra on 15 September.



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