Fair Work Act Amendments Should Go Back to Drawing Board

21 March 2013

“Parliamentarians must stand up for jobs and the national interest and prevent the passage of legislation introduced today proposing amendments to the Fair Work Act”, Business Council of Australia President Tony Shepherd said.

“While the government has listened to united concerns from business and not proceeded at this time with clauses relating to arbitration, this does not make today’s package of proposed amendments any less damaging to the ability of small, medium and large businesses to stay competitive in a tough global economy”, Mr Shepherd said.

“The proposed amendments will put further stress on businesses struggling to adjust to competitiveness pressures, and will do nothing to support jobs, investment and productivity.

“The Fair Work Act was introduced in 2009 without a regulatory impact statement and businesses are still paying for the impact of this poor policy process down the track.

“What is critical now is for this regressive legislation to be stopped and for the government to go through proper regulation-making processes, including assessing the costs and benefits of any proposals, undertaking full consultation with those who will be impacted, and preparation of a regulatory impact statement, before proceeding with legislative change”, he said.

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Business Council of Australia

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