Expanding the Economy: Speech by BCA CEO Jennifer Westacott to the Whitlam Institute

24 October 2012

In this speech to the Whitlam Institute Symposium delivered on 24 October 2012, Business Council of Australia Chief Executive Jennifer Westacott discusses the BCA’s perspectives on the symposium themes of ‘growth, prosperity and wellbeing’.

She notes that the national transformation overseen by Gough Whitlam had both social and economic consequences, and its enduring value remains largely unquestioned. But, as she explains, the lesson from the Whitlam era for Australian leaders of today is that if you don’t match a strong vision with sound economic performance and fiscal discipline, you limit how much can be achieved.

Expanding the Economy: Perspectives on Growth, Wellbeing and Prosperity: Speech by Jennifer Westacott to the Whitlam Institute


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