Questions and answers

We will keep the following information up to date and provide new information as it becomes available. If you have any queries not addressed here please contact us by email. 

Businesses or individuals who would like to make a financial contribution to these initiatives can do so via the Equity Trustees website:

The Community Rebuilding Initiative will help co-ordinate business responses and assistance with state and federal governments.

If you have in-kind support to offer please send us an email providing details of the kind of support you can offer and we will work with you and relevant agencies to coordinate where it is needed most.

Australia’s leading trustee company, Equity Trustees was established 131 years ago.

Equity Trustees will work closely with the respective advisory panels for each of the Trusts to administer and manage the trusts and provide the required duties of a Trustee. This will include conducting an annual audit of the trusts and reporting this publicly as required.

Equity Trustees has provided its services pro bono to establish the trusts.  


Right now people in Business Council member companies are working hard on the ground to support firefighters, emergency services and communities in practical ways.

Those who need immediate assistance in an emergency are encouraged to contact their local, state and federal government agencies.

You can see some of the actions Business Council members are taking today here

Information for those experiencing immediate financial hardship is available through the Australian Banking Association Website here.