Cutting red tape to create jobs

17 May 2021

We welcome the Senate’s decision to support the Morrison Government’s common-sense plan to help streamline the licensing of workers and make it easier to do business across the country, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“This is a practical reform that will make it easier to do business once implemented.

“This will make it simpler to do business across the states and go a long way to fixing crazy, inefficient and expensive situations that see someone licensed to work in one state unable to work in another.

“As we recover from the pandemic, eliminating the barriers and bottlenecks that are holding back Australian workers, consumers and businesses is more critical than ever.

“This is win-win. This means big employers can get crucial workers started on job-creating projects quickly, and it gives tradies and other licensed professionals the flexibility to get ahead by moving where their skills are most valuable.

“To make sure this reform delivers on its economic potential, it is more crucial than ever for state leaders to end the knee-jerk border closures that destroy confidence, make it impossible to plan and leave workers worried they may be stranded if they relocate for work.

“It would be pointless to remove one roadblock and impose another.

“We thank the Senate for supporting reform to create jobs, increase output and inject much needed innovation into the economy.

“We’ll continue working with governments to take practical steps that make it easier for businesses to invest, create jobs, grow the economy and improve the lives of all Australians.”


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