Coronavirus (COVID-19)

These are challenging times and the business community is leading by example, demonstrating our commitment to the community and our core business of keeping the economy moving.

For Australia to come through the COVID-19 crisis and recover, it needs its businesses to do the same. By pulling together and backing each other, we will get through this. Australia is home to clever, innovative and resilient people and businesses.

Our first priority is to help keep communities safe by limiting transmission of the virus between people. 

Businesses around the country are also taking proactive steps to adapt. For staff, this includes new types of leave for employees, paying casuals when they can’t work due to COVID-19, flexible working arrangements and collaborating with other companies to find employment for displaced employees. For customers, there are deferred repayments, additional support for customers in need like the elderly, and helping with refunds and cancellations. Many companies are also speeding up payment times to suppliers and bringing forward investment in major projects. We are strong, creative, quick to solve problems and get things done.

Many companies are switching their production lines to make the things we need, like ventilators, gloves, masks and hand sanitisers. Companies are getting stock onto the shelves, keeping the lights on and boosting internet and phone coverage. Resources, mining and banking are strong sectors. Our underlying financial system is robust. And there is determination to reboot the economy as the country recovers.

We have the know-how, the resources and the will to collectively stare down these challenges. We can be confident we will overcome this. See below more information for employers and a snapshot of what business is doing to support their employees and the community.

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