COP31 to secure Australia’s position as climate leader

06 November 2022

Business welcomes the Albanese government’s bid to host COP31 along with our partners in the Pacific, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“Australia is now a climate leader, so it’s only fit and proper that Australia join with other nations in the Pacific to host this global forum.

“This is a chance to lock in our position as a global leader and our reputation as a nation that is getting on with the challenge.

“By co-hosting with our partners in the Pacific, Australia is sending a clear message that it intends to tackle this global issue cooperatively.

“Decarbonisation is a big challenge for Australia but it’s also an opportunity to put ourselves at the frontier of new industries and supply chains that will deliver new opportunities for Australians, COP31 will be a chance to secure this position.

“COP31 will be an opportunity for the Australian businesses that are leading the way to showcase the innovation, investment and ingenuity that is letting them do it.

“Businesses look forward to working with the government to secure this bid and getting on with designing the durable framework needed to achieve Australia’s ambitions emission reduction targets.”


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