Construction Industry Needs a Strong Cop on the Block

23 January 2012

The Australian Parliament has a responsibility to ensure that a “strong cop on the beat” is maintained in the building and construction industries, says the Business Council of Australia’s Acting Chief Executive, Maria Tarrant.

Supporting a joint submission by the Ai Group and the Australian Constructors Association on the government’s proposed abolition of the Australian Building and Construction Commissioner (ABCC), Ms Tarrant says the change would jeopardise much-needed productivity improvements in the sector.

“At a time of great economic uncertainty, it is vital to ensure that recent improvements in the industrial climate and the stability of the industries are maintained,” she said.

“The primary value of a regulator like the ABCC is to make sure industrial practices are lawful and appropriate. These industries have a history of problems involving intimidation and violence, and nobody wants to see these practices creeping back.

“Ensuring that an important industry sector operates effectively and safely is critical to Australia’s overall capacity to stay economically resilient and prosperous into the future.

“The Business Council of Australia echoes the call to parliamentarians by the Ai Group and the ACA to vote down this bill.”



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