Climate change policy review provides practical plan for the future

19 December 2017

The Climate Change policy review released today outlines a sensible and practical plan to ensure Australia remains on track to meet its international emissions reductions targets, but it will require political leadership and a bipartisan approach says Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott.

“It is good news that Australia remains on track to meet its international obligations and our 2020 emissions reduction target. 

“Crucially, the review released today balances Australia’s need to meet international reduction targets with the imperative of remaining an internationally competitive and growing economy.

“After a decade of petty politics what Australia needs now is a bipartisan focus on meeting our international targets. The states as well as federal political leaders must work together not just to get the policies right and meet our targets, but to give businesses the long term policy certainty they need to plan and invest in innovative and more efficient technologies.

“Practical measures such as support for international permits alongside a plan to develop a long-term, whole of economy emissions reduction strategy will provide the flexibility and capacity for Australian businesses to participate in what is fundamentally a global issue.

“With a suite of policies across the economy, including the built environment and transport, the electricity sector will not shoulder the full burden of emissions reduction, ensuring that undue upward pressure is not placed on already expensive energy.

“The National Energy Guarantee remains the centrepiece of this plan, and so it remains essential that it is fully implemented. We call on state and federal political leaders to work together and ensure an effective implementation strategy is designed as a matter of priority.

“Playing politics on climate change policy will risk this critical opportunity to put Australia’s climate change and energy policies back on track. The more certainty for business and the more action we will take on climate change at lower cost.”



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